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From 'Black Elk' to 'Dances with Wolves' Tipis have been inspirational since the beginning. We view the Indian Tipi as an alternative form of shelter that is a naturally practical way to live or camp in harmony with the elements. Tipis represent the essence of environmentally friendly living.

Tipis create an elegant, portable, home away from home, whether it is used as a summer camp, a guest lodge or a weekend getaway. Tipis are used all over the country/world at: Rendezvous, Guest Ranches, Healing Retreat Centers, and Powwows, just to mention a few. In backyards all across America, Tipis have replaced the Gazebo for family home entertainment.

At Spirit Tipis, our aim is to make the highest quality Tipi possible, using the finest materials and meticulous workmanship. Our emphasis is in creating a Tipi that is durable and artistically pleasing. We want your SPIRIT TIPI to be an exhilarating part of your life, for many moons to come. ENJOY.

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It covers all aspects of tipi set-up and pole selection.
From Our Friends...

"It is the Best fort ever." Matt Baldwin Age 9

"I have much clearer dreams when I sleep in my Tipi. I love it! Thank You." John Barfield Earth Sciences Major, Prescott College

"Thank you soooo much Laura, It means a lot to me that you put so much love into my home!" Love, Steve Braatz Organic Gardener, Ft. Collins Co.

Tipi in the Snow

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